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Grinding is one of the first things people ask me about.  It's always best to buy whole bean coffee and then grind what you need right before brewing. The minute you grind your coffee it starts to oxidize, speeding up the aging process.

Burr grinders are usually better than blade grinders.  Burr grinders give a more uniform grind, which makes better coffee.  If a blade grinder is what you have, start with that and move to a burr grinder when you have a chance.

Grind size affects the surface area of coffee that is exposed to water.  This is called "extraction".  Smaller coffee particles have more contact with water, so they extract more quickly.  Larger particles extract more slowly.  Too much extraction, from too fine of a grind or too long of a brew time, causes bitter, chalky tasting coffee.  Too little extraction, from too coarse a grind or too little brew time, causes sour flavors with a lack of depth.  


Don't be afraid to adjust grind size!  Experiment and find the grind that gives the flavor you love!

And, if you still prefer to buy your coffee ground, we will happily grind it for you.  No judgement!  

If you are in search of a burr grinder, here are a couple to help you in your quest.  

Brew Methods

There are so many options for brewing great coffee that sometimes it is hard to decide which one to use.  



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